How to Wear a Vintage Fleece - Thrift Shop Tip #1

Winter is about to arrive and you are frantically rummaging through your closet for sweaters, coats and even your old fleeces. A lot of people are coming back to the vintage fleece trend because they are so cool to wear and eco-friendly. Vintage fleeces have become iconic pieces in recent years. Come and find out how to wear a vintage fleece and lots of other useful facts about thrift store fleeces.

Different Ways to Wear a Vintage Fleece

A vintage fleece with a long coat.

If you want to wear a coat with your vintage fleece, you'll need to find one that fits tight enough around the body to allow you to leave room for a fleece underneath. This style will keep you warm while looking classy in your coat. If this style suits you, do not hesitate to find a beautiful sleeveless fleece vest to wear under a coat or trench coat. Only drawback, if you opt for a vintage fleece under your coat, you will not have your head protected from the rain. But don't panic, for that you can always wear your fleece with it...

A vintage fleece with a jacket or down jacket.

Wearing a fleece with a down jacket or a hooded jacket in case of extreme cold is a good idea. The fleece should certainly not be too oversized if you want to wear a closed jacket on top. Closed jacket or open jacket, your vintage fleece will go very well to keep you warm this winter. If you are greatly in love with the feeling of being under your sleeping bag when you go out, choose fleeces made for the mountains with brands like Patagonia. Never cold again afterwards, that's for sure!

A vintage fleece only.

Obviously, this is where the whole style of your fleece will be able to shine. Once you have taken off your jacket or your coat, you will spend the whole day in your fleece. To wear it, no worries. All you need is a pair of pants that you like to wear (why not play around with the colors of the fleece and the pants if you can) and you're done. It's the centerpiece of your outfit, opt for a second-hand fleece with a colorful print and you'll have a perfect outfit.

How to find the right fleece in a thrift store?

As you know, thrift stores and online thrift stores offer second-hand clothes as well as vintage clothes. To differentiate a quality vintage fleece here are some tips:

  • Look at the size of the fleece and the indications given on the size by the thrift store.
  • Check the quality of the vintage fleece , are there any stains or holes? 
  • Decide on the style of fleece you want , do you prefer a fleece from a well-known brand like The North Face or Patagonia? Or rather a fleece with a vintage 80s print in atypical colors?
  • If you are looking for brands such as The North Face, Nike, Umbro, Helly Hansen or Adidas , then our advice is to turn to thrift stores offering branded clothes and not associative or luxury thrift stores.
  • Check the legitimacy of the online thrift store where you will buy your fleece, does it have reviews on Google Maps, do they accept returns?

Once these tips have been applied , we hope you will find the perfect vintage fleece. We also have a good quantity of vintage fleeces arriving on our site , we always check the quality of our clothes at LaFrip'aMax so no worries!

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