History of The North Face.

The beginnings of the mountain brand.

Originally, the brand which in 1964 was just a simple specialized store, was mainly intended for climbing and camping. In 1966 they had their most important innovation - the first tents with flexible rods. Camping suddenly becomes much more accessible.

The North Face started out in North Beach, but that has since changed and today their HQ is in San Leandro. The Esprit brand was also founded in 1968 by Douglas Tompkins and his ex-wife, Susie Russell. Esprit was then taken over by the band Esprit Far East in Hong Kong a few years after their divorce.

The North Face has belonged to the American company VF Corporation9 for 22 years. It is one of their most popular and fastest growing brands. The company also owns a number of other clothing brands, including Timberland.

North Face Name Inspiration

The company name was inspired by the most difficult side of a mountain to climb in mountaineering - the north face. The name The North Face therefore appears as the mark of mountaineering quality.

A brand that innovates in mountain clothing

TNF was first launched in the 1960s and since then it has never stopped innovating and offering new products for amateur and professional athletes. The North Face is a brand specializing in outdoor equipment.

mountain jacket

They offer all kinds of gear for those looking to explore the wilderness , including sleeping bags, clothes, and shoes. Little

no matter how big your adventure dreams are, The North Face has you covered.

Unlike its competitors in the so-called "outdoor" industry, The North Face offers premium apparel, gear and deals for all kinds of adventurers, including mountaineers, skiers, snowboarders and hikers. In addition to these specialties, they also offer an assortment of great deals for endurance athletes.

The North Face, not just a mountain equipment supplier

A strength of The North Face is also their classic wear garments. With fashion-oriented ranges and collaborations with Supreme, Kaws and Gucci. The North Face has established itself as a favorite outdoor brand in streetwear culture.

Today, The North Face has a more urban vibe and is popular among young people. Going out will show you how widespread the phenomenon is. Iconic pieces are now worn with more urban outfits and other brands such as Carhartt WIP or Patagonia. If you like a more casual style, go for it. But don't overdo it. A nice, well-dressed down jacket will surely be safer than wearing a whole TNF ensemble.

The North Face down jackets

A standout product worth mentioning is the TNF Nuptse Jacket. Maybe you don't know the origin of the name of this model? It is named after a Nepalese Himalayan peak of the same name.

Right now, The North Face down jacket is coming back in 90s colors to give an old school look. It will go well with both ordinary and elegant clothes for the perfect winter outfit.

When The North Face launched the Nuptse Jacket in 1992, they wanted to create a high performance jacket for serious mountaineers and climbers. The idea was to create a down jacket where the feathers move very little to ensure that the jacket is as warm as possible. The jacket subsequently became an icon of winter fashion.


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