Refund policy



You have the right to return your order to us. To do so, you must send an email to or a message to +41764106236 or a private message on Instagram to @lafripamax within 7 days of receiving your order. This way, we will be notified of the return and we can give you the necessary information to return your order.  As soon as we have received your order back (maximum 14 days after you have received it) and we have verified that it has been returned to us in its original condition, we will refund the amount of your order in the form of a voucher on our website. All other costs are at your expense.

We reserve the right to refuse a return if the above conditions are not met.

All our products are second hand, meaning that they have already been worn, unless otherwise stated. This is why some products may have slight wear or defects. Photos will be available in case of major defects.

If your order is damaged in transit, please notify us within 7 days of receipt for a refund. This will be paid to you when we receive your order back.

Please note: any item returned to us without our notification and approval will not be refunded, nor will it be returned to your home. If no proof is provided in a timely manner, LaFrip'aMax reserves the right to not refund the order.

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